Colouring FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about colouring and weren't afraid to ask


Not a day goes by without me receiving three or four mails asking about
which colours to use with which products. Here are all the details:


The liquid colours in the dropper bottles are used for:

Farmhouse soap to obtain pastel results
Farmhouse glycerine soap
Glycerine soap tubes
Liquid soap
Bubble bath
Shower gel
Water based lotions
Bath Mousse
Soap Gel
Shaving soap

The powder colours are used for:

Bath salts
Bath crystals
Fizz Bop
Bath Snow
Salt Pebbles
Bath Fizz
Fizz Bombs
Bath Tea

The powder dyes are used for:

Farmhouse soap for bright/dark colours (dissolve in hot water first)
Bath crayons
Happy pills
Bath products which require the bath water to take on colour
Bath Tea

Oil soluble colours in dropper bottles are used for:

Oil based lotions
Body butter candles
Soy wax candles
Gel candles
Wax candles
Lip balms
Lip gloss
Oil based scrubs
Bath Oils
Whipped body butter mousse
Whipped body butter
CP and HP soaps for a pastel effect

Oil soluble powder colours are used for:

CP and HP soaps (dissolve in hot oil first)
ALL candles ((dissolve in hot oil first)

Mica colours and oxides are used for:

Any product that requires natural colouring
HP and CP soaps (only the purple and blue mica hues do not perform)
Natural makeup
Lip balm
Lip gloss
Eye shadow
Bath Salts
Bath crystals
Bath Snow
Bath Fizz
Fizz Bop

Soap paints are used only for painting on soap


Neon colours are used in ALL soaps and liquid soaps


Which colours are natural:

Beta Carotene

Natural colouring agents for CP and HP soaps you may have at home:

Cocoa powder