Free Farmhouse Soap Labels

Farmhouse soap is smooth, rich and creamy – it is never transparent/clear click here
White 100% Pure – No Fragranceclick here
African Blackclick here
Baby Powder (Cream with Rooibos Infusion)click here
Badedas (Green)click here
Bubblegum for Kids (White)click here
Cappuccinoclick here
Charcoal + Spearmint (Dark Grey with Charcoal & Spearmint Essential Oil)click here
Clear Blueclick here
Clear Greenclick here
Clear Orangeclick here
Clear Pinkclick here
Clear Purpleclick here
Clear Redclick here
Clear Rooibosclick here
Clear Yellowclick here
Cleopatra (Organic Ass Milk)click here
Cocoa Butter Unfragranced (White with Raw, Organic Cocoa Butter)click here
Cocoa Butter (White with Raw, Organic Cocoa Butter)click here
Coco Pineclick here
Coconut-Lime (White)click here
Creamy Lavender (Purple with Lavender Flowers)click here
White Lavender (Purple with Lavender Flowers)click here
Cucumber Grapefruit (Lime with Fresh Cucumber)click here
Fenjal (Turquoise)click here
Goats' Milk + Honey Soap Unfragranced 100% Pureclick here
Goats’ Milk + Honey (Caramel with Organic Goats’ Milk & Raw Honey)click here
Hazel Nut Oats (Faun with Oats)click here
Hemp Seed, Honeybush & Orange 100% Pure (Cream & Organic Hemp seed Oil)click here
Honeybush Teaclick here
Lemon Cream (Lemon)click here
Lemongrass + Sugarcane (Green with Lemongrass)click here
Fresh Linenclick here
Madagascan Vanilla (Tan with Madagascan Vanilla Pods)click here
Milk + Honey (White)click here
Myrrh 100% Pure – No Fragrance (Cream with Myrrh)click here
Nutella (Made with Real Chocolate)click here
Oatmeal (White with Oatmeal)click here
Olive Oil (White with Olive Oil)click here
Orange and Ginger (Orange with fresh ginger)click here
Peonyclick here
Rain (White)click here
Rice Flower (Chocolate Brown)click here
Rooibos + Lemon (White with Rooibos Leaves & Infusion)click here
Rose Geranium (Pink)click here
Sandalwood (Light Brown)click here
Shea Butterclick here
Tea Treeclick here
Tonka Bean & Vanillaclick here
Venus (White)click here